Real leadership starts here

Let’s build a city council that works for you.

For too long, Calgarians have been left behind. We’re in an economic slump. Provincial politicians hammer us with budget cuts. Our leaders are too busy fighting each other to fight for us. 

We deserve better. Let’s find, support, and elect community leaders we can trust with our money, our neighbourhoods, and our future. 

The Issues

Keep the Green Line on track.

City council is denying Calgary 20,000 new jobs by dragging their feet on the Green Line. Sign to demand immediate action to get Calgary moving again.
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We need clear roads now.

Snow removal is an essential service, show why can’t so many Calgarians rely on the city to clear their streets in a reliable and timely manner? Sign if you demand better snow removal for our city.
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Keep Calgary’s roads drivable.

Pothole complaints are up 160℅ compared to last year. We deserve better. Sign if you demand proper road maintenance for Calgary.
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The Latest

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Ideas like these

February 11, 2021
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Defend our city’s water

January 27, 2021
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I'm disappointed.

January 22, 2021

Solutions for a better future.

“Coming out of this pandemic, we need a strong city council who can work together to come up with innovative solutions.”

“ This city needs less grandstanding and more action for the betterment of the citizens.”

“Calgary has unlimited potential to attract new talents and investments. Together, we can build a Calgary that is innovative, inclusive, and accessible for all.”

“We need forward-thinking leadership that is responsive to the needs of a diverse municipality; a city council that exhibits democratic accountability for public services; and representatives who act with integrity and skill for the common good.”

“I believe Calgary deserves public council members that are responsible to provide Calgarians with social equity, fiscal responsibility, better health care access, and public services.”

“I believe that Calgary will succeed if city hall invests in local workers and the essential public services our communities need, instead of outsourcing and privatizing contracts.”

“City council has failed thousands of hardworking families. The continued push to privatize services has led to hundreds losing their high quality, good-paying jobs, only for all Calgarians to receive low quality services in return.”

“Regular people have the power to change their communities for the better.”

“Calgarians deserve community leaders who are willing to stand up for everyday people and solutions that make sense.”