Calgarians know a good investment when they see it,  and the new Calgary Event Centre deal clearly isn’t one. The cost of the project has doubled since it was last on the table in 2019 from $600 million to $1.22 billion. The City is now responsible for almost 50% of the total cost! 

This money should be used to make our city better for all Calgarians, not to line the pockets of billionaires.  We desperately need investment in affordable housing, public transportation, emergency preparedness, and support for small-businesses. These important issues should take precedence.

Together, we can demand City Council terminate the arena deal. If our leaders receive hundreds of emails from voting citizens, we can influence them to use this money to benefit all Calgarians. 

So don’t wait–fill out the form and send an email to your councillor demanding they halt the arena deal while we still can.