A Better Budget: Thanks for speaking up.

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On November 25 Calgary City Council approved a new four-year budget. We’re happy to have helped amplify the voices of Calgarians to ensure funding for priority issues like affordable housing, better jobs, and community services. 

Last spring, more than five thousand Calgarians filled out our Better Budget Survey and engaged in community consultations to tell us what’s important. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond–our list of Better Budget recommendations is based on your input. 

This fall, over two thousand more Calgarians got their voices heard by signing on to support a Better Budget. We presented your signatures to Calgary City Council and you helped influence our leaders to invest in issues we care about. Thanks for signing on!

It’s important to recognize that the Better Budget campaign would not have been possible without the support of awesome community organizations like the Climate Hub, the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, and more. Thanks for collaborating with us!  

An extra special thank you to the community members who took time to attend the budget hearings at City Hall both in person and by phone to advocate directly for a Better Budget. This year more citizens spoke at the budget hearings than ever before. We’re thrilled that Calgarians are engaging with municipal politics and speaking up for the future of our city!

Some of the changes made to Calgary’s new City Budget include new investments in transit, active mobility, social supports, poverty reduction, housing initiatives, arts and culture, and heritage preservation. 

More than $200 million in surplus or reserve cash will be used to top up City of Calgary programs or Civic Partner services including:

  • $40 million to support Calgary’s 5A city wide alternative mobility network

  • $40 million to support Calgary’s downtown development strategy

  • $20 million to build a Foothills Fieldhouse and support the redevelopment of the Foothills Athletic Park

  • $20 million for Local Area Plan amenities (sidewalks, area lighting, park improvements, etc.)

  • $19 million to boost Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy

  • $10 million towards the Calgary Fire Department strengthen service delivery and improve response times

  • $12 million in granting to leverage other funds from other levels of government to support programs like the Rapid Housing Initiative and the Housing Accelerator

  • $11 million towards Calgary Transit, invested specifically for building shelters and benches and freezing transit fares

  • $5.8 million towards branding, hosting, and hospitality that brings Calgary to the world and the world to Calgary

  • $2 million towards snow and ice control

Some of the Civic Partners that were awarded additional funding include:

  • Contemporary Calgary
  • Heritage Calgary

  • Family and Community Support Service
  • Indigenous Relations Office
  • Vibrant Communities Calgary 

  • Federation of Calgary Communities
  • Calgary Arts Development
  • Parks Foundation Calgary
  • Sport Calgary

  • Platform Calgary 

  • Closer to Home Indigenous-focused family and community hub.

Check out the City of Calgary’s complete 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets here

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