On November 21st City Councillors will be deciding how to spend our tax dollars in the new City budget. Before they make multi-million dollar decisions that will affect our day to day lives, we need to make sure they hear from us. 

That’s why we’re asking inspired community members like you to email your City Councillor and ask for a Better Budget. Over one thousand Calgarians have already signed on to support a Better Budget, but we need to take the next step to make sure our elected officials know how many of us are behind it.

If our City Councillors receive hundreds of emails from the people who elected them–just days before they vote on the budget–they’ll have to pay attention to what we want. This is a massive opportunity for us to influence Calgary City Council to invest in issues we care about. But we don’t have much time, so we have to act fast.

So don’t wait–get your voice heard and help shape Calgary’s Future.

Email Your City Councillor Now