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Calgary’s Future launches 11 months before 2021 election, one week before budget deliberations

Calgary, AlbertaHardworking Calgarians from all walks of life are urging their fellow citizens to get involved, have their voice heard, and help shape the city’s future ahead of next week’s difficult budget deliberations.

City council will begin debating a brutal budget on November 23 that proposes cuts to many services Calgarians rely on in an attempt to slash $90 million from the city budget.  

The new group, called Calgary’s Future, is urging Calgarians to participate in council’s budget public hearing process, stating Calgary is at a pivotal crossroads and this budget is too important to sit out.

“We simply can’t let Calgary fall behind,” says Calgary’s Future spokesperson Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee. “We’re urging Calgarians to get involved and have their say during budget deliberations.” 

The proposed budget includes 162 full-time job cuts which would put the city at 2013 staffing levels, despite the addition of 200,000 Calgarians over the last seven years. Some councillors have already said the $90 million in proposed reductions aren’t nearly enough and are demanding even more aggressive cuts to the services Calgarians rely on. 

Calgary’s Future is asking Calgarians to make sure city council knows they must protect the services Calgarians depend on. The local committee is urging Calgarians to visit calgarysfuture.ca/budget this week to send an email to their city councillor in advance of next week’s budget deliberations. 

“We need a city council that will work together to solve the challenges we face in this changing world,” says Calgary’s Future spokesperson Alex Shevalier. “Calgary is suffering from economic uncertainty, an ongoing global pandemic, and cut after cut from the provincial government. All the while, we have a divided city council that has run out of gas and is not working together to solve the problems we face.”

Calgary’s Future says they will continue to speak out and ask Calgarians to get involved in the lead up to the 2021 municipal election.

“I’m proud to be a member of this campaign, made up of everyday Calgarians like me who care about our city’s future,” says transit operator Larry Tweedale. “If we don’t step up now, we’re in for another four years of bickering, stagnation and petty politics. It’s essential Calgarians speak out, beginning with next week’s budget deliberations.”

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