I'm disappointed.

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Lately, I’ve been reminded of a quote:

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Time and time again, our leadership demonstrates to us that they can’t be trusted.

While the rest of us were making sacrifices this holiday, MLAs and Calgary city council hopefuls like Craig Chandler, along with UCP MLAs Tracy Allard, Jeremy Nixon, Tony Yao, Jason Stephan, and Tanya Fir, were off jet-setting with no regard for the consequences their actions could have for our community. 

These people can’t even be bothered to pretend like they understand what the average Calgarian is going through. Is this the type of leadership we want? 

We’re coming together as a community to take the steps needed to get our city back on track. We deserve leadership willing to join us in that. 

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