Now that Calgary City Council has voted to implement the Housing Affordability Task Force’s recommendations in their entirety, we have to make sure they follow through.

With Calgary’s housing affordability crisis escalating and more and more people slipping through the cracks, it’s up to us to let Council know that we expect immediate action. 

Calgarians like you made all the difference by demanding that City Council accept the Task Force’s recommendations. Now it’s time to make sure proper funding is in place and that our leaders invest at least $100 million per year to expand affordable housing in Calgary as specified in the HATF recommendations

Will you help us continue to fight for change by emailing your City Councillor to ensure they follow through with all of the HATF recommendations? We’ve already drafted an email for you to send, it automatically selects your Councillor and adds your name—just fill out the form to the right. 

If our City Councillors receive hundreds of emails from the people who got them elected, we can influence them to take action and fix the housing crisis.

Help fix Calgary’s housing crisis—email your City Councillor today!