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For Calgary to prosper long-term we’re going to need community-oriented ideas and a vision for the future that works for all of our city’s residents–not just wealthy developers. 

We need more ideas like these. 

We can’t keep running away from our problems. Endless urban sprawl isn’t the answer. We need more ideas that work with what we have and makes it better for everyone.

Rather than waste more public funds by funnelling them to developers and making less livable and less connected neighbourhoods, we need to invest in what we already have. We need to maintain existing infrastructure, increase density, and create thriving communities with ample opportunity and economic vitality. 

Ideas like these aren’t unattainable for our city, they just take leadership brave enough to advocate for residents rather than a privileged few. 

We need more leaders with a vision for Calgary that builds on what already makes us great and aren’t just looking for the next best thing. 

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