The 2022 budget wants us to do more with less. 

There’s no getting around it – prices for everything have gone up. But the budget that Calgary City Council is voting on this month doesn’t seem to think that’s the case. 

This budget expects us to maintain our city services with the same staffing levels as 2013. Anyone can see that between increased prices and a stagnant budget, something’s going to have to give. 

The fact is that Calgary’s population is growing and trying to spread less butter over more bread will mean lower quality services and less frequent services like snow removal and road maintenance.  Add to that layoffs to members of our community who get us to work and school on time, keep our water clean, and provide support to seniors. 

During this past election, the majority of Calgarians made it clear — we want a council that will re-invest in our city to attract new industries, ensure public services remain strong, and build a future where every Calgarian can thrive.

Help us make sure our needs are being met at city council and ensure Calgary’s public services are properly maintained by sending an email to your councillor demanding the 2022 budget reflect reality.