Municipal Politics: Do they matter?

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Do municipal politics really matter?

With all of the big news that national and international politics make, it can be easy to forget what’s happening in our own backyard. But municipal politics matter more than you think! They affect our day to day lives–stuff like road maintenance, waste management, and public transportation are all managed by the city.

Not only that, but municipal politics are an important building block for bigger societal movements. We have more influence on what’s happening locally, so it’s easier to affect change by engaging in municipal politics. 


Are municipal politics accessible?

Municipal politics are arguably the most accessible level of politics. If you care about an issue and you want to do something about it, there are more opportunities to get involved and make a difference for your community in municipal politics than at any other level of government. 


How can I engage with municipal politics?

Our municipal leaders are close to us–they live in our neighbourhoods and know our communities in many of the same ways we do. 

That means that if you have a question or concern for your City Councillor, it should be relatively easy to start a conversation with them. 

Those conversations might involve you calling or emailing your City Councillor directly. Or you might participate in a group action like a petition to show your councillor that many community members are concerned about the same issue. There are many civil society groups advocating for important issues in our city: Calgary Climate Hub, Calgarians for Sensible Growth, Acorn Canada, Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, and Calgary’s Future!

You can also watch out for town hall meetings and other opportunities to share your ideas directly with municipal leaders. The City of Calgary frequently asks for feedback with surveys and other open portals of communication.


Can my voice make a difference?

Your voice is important and you CAN make a difference! 

And if you’ve got a concern, it's in your City Councillor’s best interest to listen. Why? Because we’re the people who got them elected, and we get to choose whether or not we vote for them again in the next election. The more involved we get, the more opportunities we have to shape Calgary’s Future. 

That dynamic becomes even more powerful when a lot of people take action together. Like last year, when thousands of Calgarians joined together to advocate for a Better Budget. Together, we influenced our leaders to invest in important things like affordable housing, better jobs, and new sources of revenue. 

Calgary’s Future is about organizing and empowering the people who live and work in Calgary. It’s about using our voices to make our city better.


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