Viruses don’t pick sides.

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Tired of seeing COVID punted like a political football? Me too. 

Viruses, like city politics, are non-partisan. They don’t pick sides, and they need action. That’s why, after a month of jawing in the Legislature, I’m glad to see our provincial government finally – finally – taking action.

Not sure what the new measures are? Find them here

These are scary times. Everyone’s tired of the pandemic. Nobody wants to miss out on holidays with family. 

But the virus won’t let up, and neither can we. 

If we want our city to thrive in the long term – and if we want our economy to rebound – we need to put lives first. Calgary can’t be whole without making sure the millions who make this city great are healthy, happy, and safe. 

Let’s take what we’ve learned from the first wave and put it to good use. Buy local wherever possible. Order takeout from your favourite restaurants. Tip service workers generously. Donate wherever you can, buy gift certificates, keep memberships. 

In Calgary, we take care of our own. Always have, always will. 

The restrictions are tough, but they’re not tougher than we are. 

Stay safe, folks. Wear your masks. 

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