Expense disclosure: Why we value transparency

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As part of our community advocacy campaign, Calgary’s Future registered as a political action committee (also referred to as a third party advertiser) in Calgary’s 2021 municipal election. We’re proud to have amplified the voices of Calgarians and contributed to election outcomes that reflect the interests of Calgary’s communities.

We believe that transparency is crucial. That’s why we’re disclosing our election advertising report. We’re disappointed that this isn’t required of all third parties.

Political action committees are required to submit their election advertising expenditures, but Kenney left a hole in the legislation preventing municipalities from posting this information where voters can read it freely. The only way to access the data is to pay to make an information request (under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).

We don’t believe in making important information difficult to access. We have been transparent since day one – we were the only political action committee to disclose our donors and finances with the City of Calgary, and we did so even before the election period. For us, it’s about respecting our supporters, the communities we work with, and the people who are directly impacted by our work. That’s why we’re making our 2021 Election Advertising Report accessible right here. 

We spent our funds engaging Calgarians and promoting the values that our supporters believe in. We are dedicated to connecting with our communities, reflecting the values of everyday Calgarians, and advocating for Calgary’s future. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our advertising expenditures, click the link below to download a PDF of our report.


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