Abed Harb

Ward 10

Abed’s Experience and Background

A born and raised Calgarian, Abed has spent most of his life in Ward 10. He graduated from Lester B. Pearson high school and later from the University of Calgary where he finished two bachelor degrees; one in Economics and the other in International Relations. 

A community activist, volunteer, and political organizer, Abed worked as a senior business development analyst at a major pipeline company and a senior advisor to the Minister of Agriculture. This experience gave him a thorough understanding of the municipal issues that affect Ward 10 and its residents. 

Abed has a deep and long-standing connection to Ward 10, its people, and communities. Abed has seen firsthand the obstacles and challenges that Ward 10 residents face and says he’s fed up with repeatedly seeing his community overlooked at City Hall. He’s ready to fight to solve their issues and give them the attention they derive.

Where to Find Abed:

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Why We Endorse Abed

Abed knows that the people of Ward 10 deserve better. That means things like safer communities and better access to greenspaces. More spaces for residents to spend time with family like playgrounds and libraries.  Services to support Calgarians in our economic recovery like access to quality affordable housing, and innovative solutions to ensure better transit. 

Abed understands that our city is at a crossroads. He knows that for our city to secure an economically viable future, Calgary’s city council needs to not only attract businesses from a diverse range of industries, but also support more rapid retraining programs to ensure that Calgary’s strong talent pool can continue to succeed.

For Abed, restoring public trust in our institutions is key. He believes that Calgary’s past leaders are out of touch with the experiences and daily challenges of Ward 10. As such, Abed is committed to supporting the Calgary Mental Health and Addiction Strategy and enacting the recommendations of the Anti-Racism Action Committee to address systemic racism in our city. 

If you want to learn more about Abed and see where he stands on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out his responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Abed Harb for Ward 10 – Calgary's Future Candidate Questionnaire

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