Kourtney Branagan

Ward 11

Kourtney’s Experience and Background

Kourtney has deep roots in Ward 11. Having lived, gone to school, and worked in the ward for the past 25 years, Kourtney has been an active volunteer, business owner, and team-member of multiple community-driven organizations. Kourtney currently lives in Garrison Green with her partner and three children. 

As a mom with school-aged children and with parents and grandparents in the city, Kourtney recognizes that neighbourhoods need to balance the needs of residents across the stages of their lives. As a leader in the technology sector, she knows that a thriving sustainable economy is vital. 

Kourtney isn’t in denial about the challenges facing our city. Income disparity, gaps in amenities and infrastructure among communities, an uncertain major economic driver, and a downtown that presents both financial and social barriers to our city's prosperity–Kourtney is ready to take these challenges head on and put us down a path towards a future we can believe in.

Where to Find Kourtney:

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Why We Endorse Kourtney

With personal and professional connections to Ward 11, Kourtney is committed to building a resilient, inclusive, and thriving city. She’s ready to make the necessary investments in public services like transit, emergency services, and recreational programming. She’s ready to support vulnerable and marginalized Calgarians through housing and predictable funding for the social service sector. She’s ready for Council to start valuing the work of public sector employees and finding a way to create change by empowering Calgarians.

Kourtney has a vision for rebuilding Calgary in a sustainable way. She knows firsthand how much we can accomplish when our residents are united and our leaders are on board—she also knows how frustrating it can be when leaders refuse to listen to the needs of their constituents. For Kourtney, a thriving city is the sum of our parts and that we need citizens, government, non-profit, and the private sector working together and committing to better. 

If you want to learn more about Kourtney and see where she stands on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out her responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Kourtney Branagan for Ward 11 – Calgary's Future Candidate Questionnaire

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