Evan Spencer

Ward 12

Evan’s Experience and Background

A committed family man, passionate community advocate, and self-proclaimed policy nerd, Evan Spencer is ready to get to work for his friends and neighbours in Ward 12 and build a better community for all. 

Born and raised in Calgary, Evan’s parents instilled in him strong values and work ethic that eventually led him down the path of serving and advocating for his community through strong leadership. 

After earning a BA in Leadership Development from Rocky Mountain College, Evan spent the first 10 years of his vocational life as a pastor. When Evan moved to southeast Calgary he immediately got involved in his community through volunteering. As he shared his enthusiasm and leadership skills, Evan was quickly entrusted with chairing the Volunteer Committee and then hired as the Mahogany HOA Volunteer Coordinator.

Since 2020, Evan has had the opportunity to work alongside Councillor Keating and the residents of Ward 12 helping resolve local neighbourhood issues and bigger challenges for our communities. Evan brings firsthand knowledge and experience of the City of Calgary and Council operations–making him ready to ‘hit the ground running’ and fight for the residents of Ward 12.

Where to Find Evan:

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Why We Endorse Evan

Evan is committed to making your tax dollars count. That means creating smart purposeful investment plans that hold City Council accountable. Ensuring that investments are leveraged to benefit residents and businesses in Ward 12 is one of Evan’s top priorities. 

But Evan knows that there’s nothing more costly than short-sightedness. He’s ready to invest in tomorrow and create infrastructure and communities that not only save Calgarians more in the long run, but keep our city moving and stimulate economic activity. 

Evan stands firmly against the divisive “us vs. them” politics and has made it a habit to listen and empower others as part of his leadership. He believes that Calgarians need elected officials who will listen and act on their behalf while doing the hard work of explaining the rationale behind their decisions.

If you want to learn more about Evan and see where he stands on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out his responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Evan Spencer for Ward 12 – Calgary's Future Candidate Questionnaire

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