Jay Unsworth

Ward 13

Jay’s Experience and Background

What makes Jay stand out is not only his strong leadership skills and unwavering optimism–it’s his commitment to people. For Jay, the work goes beyond identifying the issues and coming up with a clear plan to solve them, it includes empowering others to be an active part of that change. 

With a formal education in business, sustainability, and public sector management, Jay is able to draw from perspectives both at the global and local level and envision a better, more sustainable future for Calgary. 

Outside of his education, Jay has lived, worked and volunteered in Calgary for over 25 years. This experience affords him a unique insight into the people, history, and culture of our city. 

Where to Find Jay:

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Why We Endorse Jay

Unlike Ward 13’s current Councillor and other candidates running for Ward 13, Jay lives in the ward he’s running for. Jay supports and celebrates the businesses that operate there, knows and has relationships with the residents there, and plays and explores with his family there. Whether you’re in Woodbine, Somerset, or Canyon Meadows–Jay understands what matters to Ward 13 residents. 

For cities to be great, Jay knows they need to be great for everyone. This means making Calgary more accessible through strong public infrastructure, supporting robust dependable public services, and encouraging the unique skills of all Calgarians to keep us competitive and attract new businesses. 

Jay also encourages affordability and accountability as foundational pillars to his ideas. This means diversifying our economy, investing in services to keep Calgary liveable and competitive, and increasing transparency with council discussions and decisions that impact our livelihoods.

If you want to learn more about Jay and see where he stands on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out his responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Jay Unsworth for Ward 13 – Calgary's Future Candidate Survey

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