Jasmine Mian

Ward 3

Jasmine’s Experience and Background

Jasmine Mian is a committed volunteer & community leader. She has worked in both the public and private sector, and represented Canada at the Olympics. She has two graduate degrees: a Master of Science in Psychology and a Master of Public Policy, where she specifically focused on municipal policy. Jasmine serves in a governance capacity at both the national and international level and is passionate about Ward 3 and the future of Calgary.

She brings a deep understanding of the fiscal challenges faced by Calgary and believes that with the right leadership, we can build a strong future for our city. Jasmine recently left a position in consulting to focus on meeting as many Ward 3 residents as possible, so that our voices can be effectively represented at City Hall.

Jasmine learned many of her fundamental values from sport and understood early on that teamwork and collaboration would be instrumental in her success. In addition to being an Olympian, she is a University World Champion and Commonwealth Games Medalist, while also serving on the Board of Directors and Management Team of Wrestling’s National Sport Organization. She hopes to bring those learned values and leadership to city council.

Where to Find Jasmine:

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Why We Endorse Jasmine

After Calgary has given so much to Jasmine, she’s ready to give back to Calgary. 

Jasmine is committed to charting a future that is people and future-focused so that Calgary can be a better place. Jasmine knows that these next few years will be challenging for the city, but she’s not one to back down from a challenge and knows that our best years are still ahead–if only we elect people who will fight hard for that future.

North Central Calgary is home to many families and hard-working citizens. Jasmine wants to see investment from our city to keep our communities vibrant and connected. With Ward 3 situated on the edge of the city, Jasmine understands how critical infrastructure projects, like improved roadways and fast reliable public transportation, are key to keeping communities like Country Hills, Livingston, and Hidden Valley resilient and moving forward. 

Jasmine is dedicated to finding solutions that work for all–not wasting time and taxpayer money bickering over partisan politics. For her, finding common ground between opposing sides is what keeps our city on track down a better path. She knows that she can’t just be a champion for a cause, she must build bridges that give every Calgarian a seat at the table. 

If you want to learn more about Jasmine and see where they stand on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out her responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Jasmine Mian for Ward 3 – Calgary's Future Candidate Survey

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