Erin Waite

Ward 7

Erin’s Experience and Background

Erin is a leader in Calgary’s non-profit community, a seasoned corporate communications and investor relations advisor, and a veteran community board member. 

Erin received national awards for financial reporting and writing which made her a sought-after advisor to some of the fastest growing energy companies in Calgary. She was a key advisor for numerous IPOs, merger and acquisitions, and corporate transactions.

After twenty successful years in the corporate sector, Erin chose to pursue her passion for social justice and began working in the non-profit disability sector. She served as Agency Director for the Connections for Families Society where her strategic guidance and leadership led to financial stability and major policy impact. She influenced policy by showing that families who are supported to stay together save the provincial government $750,000 over the course of a child’s upbringing. Erin also introduced new programs like Financial Coaching that help families overcome systemic barriers, and she increased the capacity of Connections Counselling to support five times as many families annually. 

Erin has served as a board member for nine different non-profits. She was the Board Chair for Decidedly Jazz where she helped secure $30 million dollars in funding and oversaw the building of the DJD Dance Centre on 12th Avenue. 

Having lived in Ward 7 for 30 years, Erin’s ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work for her community. She’s confident that Calgary’s best has yet to come.

Where to Find Erin:

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Why We Endorse Erin

Erin’s vision for our city includes a revitalized and vibrant downtown. She champions new uses for empty office spaces and she’s excited to work with arts and cultural organizations, post secondary institutions, developers, and business sectors to re-imagine how the downtown core can thrive once again. Through her community advocacy, it’s clear that Erin understands the importance of using public dollars in a way that won’t take away from the services that matter to our communities. 

Erin knows we need to diversify our economy. She believes that a revitalized downtown will attract entrepreneurs to start their businesses here, and when those businesses grow, their workers will want to stay in a liveable, inviting Calgary. 

Erin wants to re-invest in older communities and stop the costly urban sprawl. She’ll stand up for strategic plans that include commitments to older areas, like Ward 7. She’ll also focus on connecting neighbourhoods and communities with reliable transit and an integrated active transportation network.

Erin is a proven leader with deep roots in communities on both sides of the river. She believes it is necessary to build both economic and environmental resilience for our city. With the progressive leadership that she will provide at City Hall, Erin sees a future for Calgary that is dynamic and prosperous. 

If you want to learn more about Erin and see where she stands on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out her responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Erin Waite for Ward 7 – Calgary's Future Candidate Questionnaire

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