Courtney Walcott

Ward 8

Courtney’s Experience and Background

Courtney Walcott is an educator and basketball coach at Western Canada High School in Ward 8 in addition to being a community organizer. 

From an early age, Courtney has made a point to dedicate his life towards helping others, particularly struggling and vulnerable members of the community–a purpose he took on from his mother who worked as an addictions counsellor. 

As a teacher in one of Calgary’s busiest schools, Courtney saw opportunities for community change and took them. He successfully petitioned the Calgary Board of Education to begin an anti-racism task force and also volunteers his coaching skills for community basketball teams. More recently, he brought together 15 community organizations to successfully advocate for $8-million from Council for additional community funding. Funding that will help address the needs of vulnerable residents in the ward and throughout Calgary.

Where to Find Courtney:

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Why We Endorse Courtney

Courtney recognizes that Calgary hasn’t been built in a way that works for everyone–but he does know we can work to change that. 

Whether you're in the Beltline, Cliff Bungalow or Killarney, Courtney recognizes that when our downtown is working, our whole community prospers. Courtney believes that Calgary can and should be a future-forward city. But to do that, he knows that we need to be investing in Calgary and Calgarians. Courtney recognizes that austerity is not the way forward. He knows that for our city to thrive, we need to be providing residents with the services and amenities that connect them and improve their quality of life.

Calgarians today are faced with a number of challenges, but Courtney understands that the issues we’re facing don’t happen in a silo. He is confident our city can overcome these challenges but only by first recognizing the intersection between issues like affordable housing, the opioid crisis, climate change, community investment, diversification of the economy, urban sprawl, and a downtown strategy. 

If you want to learn more about Courtney and see where he stands on critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out his responses to our Candidate Questionnaire:

Courtney Walcott for Ward 8 – Calgary's Future Candidate Questionnaire

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