WATCH: Our new ad just went live 🍿

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We have some exciting news! 

We’ve been working hard on a new campaign ad to spread awareness about Calgary’s Future and it’s finally time to put it out into the world! 

You can check it out here:

It’s clear that Kenney and his provincial government have no interest in investing in the things that will get Calgary back on track. From cuts to our parks and community centres that make our city more livable, to cuts to infrastructure like the Green Line that would connect our residents and make getting to work more accessible–why have so few of our city councillors stood up to the Province? 

With October’s election looming, we’re starting to see candidates pop up that will try to tell you that the answer to this city’s economic woes is further cuts to the frontline services we rely on. But eroding the necessary services that keep our water clean, help you get to work, and reach out when we need a helping hand isn’t the answer. 

How can we expect Calgary to prosper if we continue to put countless residents out of work and destroy the things that keep our city moving and make life more enjoyable?

We know we can build a better future for Calgary and everyone living in it. We know we can elect thoughtful and collaborative leaders with fresh ideas that will help our city thrive. But we also know that if we want to do that, we need your help. 

Getting as many eyes on this ad as we can will go a long way towards making sure our movement has the strength to set Calgary down a new path this election. 

Please help us spread the word about Calgary’s Future and the work we’re doing by sharing our post on social media.

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