Calgary’s Future wants to build a new city council. We can’t do it without your help.

Together, we can find, support, and elect community leaders who share our vision for a resilient economy, quality city services, responsible spending, and strong neighbourhoods.

This is our chance to change Calgary’s future.

Calgary needs leaders who get it done. You deserve community leaders who work together to fight for your needs. Not councillors who fight each other.

Calgary deserves a fair deal. 
We need leadership that will stand up to provincial budget cuts and protect Calgary’s tax dollars. 

Calgarians are done being left behind. 
Our local economy should be diverse, resilient, and work for all: roughnecks to entrepreneurs, part-timers to professionals, and everyone in between. 

Calgary’s money belongs to Calgarians. 
You’ve worked too hard for city hall to waste your money on bad decisions. If we’re going to spend, let’s spend wisely. 

Calgary needs leaders who get it done.
You deserve community leaders who work together to fight for your needs. Not councillors who fight each other. 

This is who we are.

Calgary’s Future is proudly supported by local labour organizations—that means hard working Calgarians from diverse communities across the city.


My name is Alex, and I’m a proud Calgarian. Years ago I got involved in political organizing because I love this city, and want to see it thrive. I have been president of the Calgary District Labour Council for ten years, and have seen firsthand how resilient our city is. With your help, we can get our city council on the same page.

Calgary’s city council is out of gas. Without any meaningful progress, politicians are losing the trust of hardworking Calgarians. Coming out of this pandemic, we need a strong city council who can work together to come up with innovative solutions to our city’s problems. Together, we have the power to change Calgary’s future.


I love to say to people that I live in the best city in the world. It remains true every year. I have grown up watching this beautiful city come from Olympic host to energy giant.

I have been in public service for the past 15 years, and I love the passion the citizens of YYC have. I operate heavy equipment as a CUPE 37 Outside Worker, and I see firsthand what cuts and outside contracts have done to city services.

I feel we need a council that is more connected to the people. This city needs less grandstanding and more action for the betterment of the citizens. I can’t wait to see what Calgary looks like in the future; my only hope is that it includes everyone’s voice while we map that direction.


My name is Deborah, and I'm a Calgarian who is looking forward to bringing new changes in the city I love. I've worked in the clean tech industry and most recently in a non-profit setting. Calgary has unlimited potential to attract new talents and investments. Together, we can build a Calgary that is innovative, inclusive, and accessible for all.


My name is Maryam, and I‘m a senior medical student at the university of Calgary. I’ve worked with CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society) and Alberta Public Health Contact Tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. I also co-founded Calgary First STEM Cell Club as part of a national initiative to recruit healthy individuals to Canada’s largest stem cell donor’s registry. I believe Calgary deserves public council members that are responsible to provide Calgarians with social equity, fiscal responsibility, better health care access, and public services.


My name is Jessica, I’m an artist, cultural worker, and coffee lover. I’m also a small business owner in Calgary where I run Kaffeeklatsch; a coffee company serving notable coffee to facilitate social connections.

We need a vision for our city that wakes us up from the status quo and gets people excited about our future. We need a city council that puts residents ahead of developers. A council that invests in vital city services instead of wasteful privatization, and one that cares for our most vulnerable instead of over-policing them.

I know that small businesses succeed in cities that lift up all their citizens. In good cities and in good cafes: everyone is welcome and warm.


My name is Moses. As a born-and-raised Calgarian, I’ve been involved in political organization since I was 18. I’m passionate about improving the lives of individuals living in our community. I believe that city council has failed thousands of hardworking families. The continued push to privatize services has led to hundreds losing their high quality, good-paying jobs, only for all Calgarians to receive low quality services in return. These cuts have not translated into the ‘fiscal responsibility’ that many in city council promised their constituents. In the face of pandemic challenges, we need to ensure that Calgary city council represents the will of their constituents and puts them first.


My name is Mary, I’m a journalist, addiction support worker, social media manager, and a film buff. I am passionate about community building and believe that regular people have the power to change their communities for the better.


My name is Lucas, and I’m a digital organizer. Before I ventured here, I was a campaign organizer, community and labour organizer, and an arts worker. What I’m most proud of is getting candidates elected at every level of government. Together, let’s come up with innovative solutions for Calgary’s problems. Calgarians deserve community leaders who are willing to stand up for everyday people and solutions that make sense.

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