Tell Danielle Smith: Stop playing games with Calgary’s critical funding

Danielle Smith is threatening to block critical funding that could help fix Calgary’s housing crisis. It’s up to us to stop her. 

Smith recently announced Bill 18, a new piece of legislation that will require provincial officials to vet and approve critical funding before it reaches municipalities, school boards, and educational institutions.

This proposed bill threatens to impact critical funding for projects related to transit, infrastructure, and housing affordability. A great example is the Housing Accelerator Fund ($228 million), which is set to fast-track the construction of more than 6,800 housing units in Calgary over the next three years and spur the construction of more than 35,000 new homes over the next decade. 

Why doesn’t Danielle Smith want Calgary to get money to build more homes? It’s all about picking petty fights with the federal government instead of doing what’s best for Albertans. But blocking critical funding with red tape just to pick a fight with Ottawa is crossing the line. It’s time to fight back.

We need as many Calgarians as possible to email their MLAs so we can get our message through loud and clear. Tell Daniells Smith: Stop playing games with critical funding. Scrap Bill 18 now!