Every day, more and more Calgarians struggle to keep up with Calgary’s skyrocketing housing prices. We need more affordable housing and we need it fast.

With over 80,000 Calgary households in need of affordable housing, it’s clear that this crisis isn’t going away. Calgary City Council may have voted in favour of the Housing Affordability Task Force’s recommendations, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to follow through with implementing them. 

We need to keep up the pressure. Many Councillors are afraid of change, and they’re being persuaded to maintain the status quo. But the status quo isn’t workingwe need our leaders to step up for our communities and bring Calgary forward into a more liveable future. The best way to do that is to call your City Councillor and leave a message for them right now.

We’ve drafted a list of talking points for you, so leaving a message for your City Councillor is easy. All you have to do is hit CALL to be connected to your Councillor’s office. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PHONE READY.

Help fix Calgary's housing crisiscall your City Councillor and leave a message now!