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I can’t believe I’m writing about this again.

Back in July, I emailed our mailing list outlining Calgary’s problem with urban sprawl. There’s a record number of communities developing in Calgary right now: 41 in total.

Now there’s news that we might be getting 11 more.

Honestly, I’m stunned. Is this really the best use of Calgary’s public funds? 

City administration doesn’t think so. They’re recommending that council not approve based on weak demand and oversupply of new housing. 

We’re already paying for communities that haven’t been built. No one lives in them, and no one is buying them. Young workers can’t afford them, or they’re leaving Calgary altogether. Why build more? 

That money could be better spent fixing Calgary’s roads, improving our transit, and investing in communities that we already live in. 

We deserve a city council that won’t cave to the demands of greedy developers. A council that knows Calgary funds belong to Calgarians.

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