That's a wrap!

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That’s a wrap! 

Our youth summit has come to a close and we're blown away by the amount of Calgarians who showed up to help make an impact in their city. 

The amazing youth attendees put in the work to ensure the next generation of leaders have the skills and knowledge they need to make positive change in their community. 

On top of that, our movement did not go unnoticed. News outlets from around the city showed up to cover our event and amplify our message that Calgary can have a better future so long as its residents are empowered and engaged.

Here’s some highlights from the coverage: 

“A lot of youth think Calgary isn’t engaging them, and it doesn’t value their voices, or that they don’t see themselves represented in municipal government.” – Calgary Herald

“This is the first of many more actions that can be taken in the future. But if we don't talk about it, we won't get there.” – CBC

“The more people are engaged in their communities, the more inclusive our cities will become. ” – Livewire

I can’t thank everyone enough for helping make our Youth Summit such a success. From the attendees, to the speakers, to the volunteers–each and every one of you believed in us and in a better Calgary. 

As we gear up for election day, we could still use more help. If you want to get more involved please sign up to volunteer.

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