Sonya Sharp

Ward 1

Sonya’s Experience and Background

A lifelong resident of Ward 1, Sonya Sharp grew up in the northwest community of Silver Springs. She’s lived in Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge, and now lives in Varsity. She and her husband chose to raise their family in Ward 1 so their children could play at the same parks, go to the same schools, and be part of the same communities they’ve loved all their lives. 

Sonya has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. A dedicated civil servant, Sonya worked at the City of Calgary for over 20 years. Most recently, Sonya was the City’s leader for Business and Local Economy where she helped create opportunities for Calgary small businesses. It’s this collaborative approach to community and business that inspires her vision for revitalizing Calgary.

Prior to her work helping Calgary businesses get up and running, Sonya was a small business owner herself. As an owner of Sharp Media, Sonya helped companies get their messages out to their communities.

Throughout her career, Sonya has built strong relationships with industry leaders, members of the business community, citizens, and community leaders. She understands the importance of ensuring that the city and local businesses work collaboratively to strengthen our communities and build a prosperous future.

Where to Find Sonya:

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Why We Endorse Sonya

With her combined experiences working in both public and private sectors, Sonya understands the importance of working collaboratively across all agencies. 

Sonya believes that communities, businesses, and our local economy are the heart of Calgary. Her mission is to bring her knowledge, relationships, and passion to City Council to ensure that our communities and local businesses are represented and supported through collaborative community leadership.

A proponent of the Green Line, Sonya believes that a vibrant city needs strong public services and that we need better value for our tax dollars. That means clearer, more transparent communication from our municipal government and accountability for the decisions made at City Hall.

Sonya’s experience in public service as a trusted community connector has informed her work as a small business owner. She understands that collaboration is crucial to making our city grow and thrive, and she’s ready to put her collaborative skills to work for Ward 1 and the City of Calgary. 

If you want to learn more about Sonya and see where she stands on some critical issues facing Calgarians today, check out her responses to our Candidate Questionnaire here:

Sonya Sharp for Ward 1 – Calgary's Future Candidate Questionnaire

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